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Saturday, October 15, 2005

I brought home a nifty little toy for all my buddies last night... A laser pointer I happened to pick up at the Pet Shoppe where I work. Well all three of them were immediately hooked on this thing. I had them all chasing it around the corner at one point, it was a stampede of cats. Remembering how I used to get Ozzy (a cat I had a few years ago) to chase a laser halfway up the wall, sure enough, I got the baby Pablo to do the same thing. Robert had some fun with it too, had Pablo making a circle through the kitchen and dining room several times. Sock, who's usually on a level above playing with toys, couldn't resist this one... and even Big Taz got in on the chase. I've never seen him move that fast before. Ever. We had to stop after a while, Pablo had taken to panting so we thought he'd better be given a rest. He's got a bit of congestion in his sinuses.

Well its finally stopped raining today, after it being so wet and drizzly all week... makes for a good weekend. Its still gonna be chilly but at least the sun will be out. And this morning the wind was picking up and blowing some of the cloud cover off so I was thankful I could sit out on the balcony with my coffee before daylight and finally see the stars again. Sometimes I feel I do my best reflection out there, at that time of day.

TV schedule has changed a bit, now they're showing all the Survivor reruns on Wednesday nights - That's 3 full hours of Survivor, but still allows for time to catch up on reading, hopefully. I'm still in the middle of the Bono biography. What's next? I'm wanting to get to the next Diana Gabaldon book in the Outlander series. That is sooo my favorite story to this day. And another one Robert picked up for me, The Life of Pi, as well as The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (I've never read that one.) Whew, that's already a pretty long list.

Pet Shoppe has been busy lately..well always busy for me, but doing a good business. Even more as it'll get closer to Christmas. Every once in a while they'll offer a kitten free with purchase of a starter kit... well last week they had one such offer, a female tabby, who was in the back room for a good part of the week... so starved for attention, all by herself. I kept going up to the cage and talking to her, and she'd put that paw out between the bars. Awww... so one day another employee heard me tell her "If I didn't have so many cats already, I'd take you home with me tonight." Well, he replied - "I should name her Jello, cause there's always room for jello." That just about decided it it for me... but the next day, she was gone and nobody knew what happened to her. I finally found out one of the customers came and picked her, took her home. Well at least she's not by herself after closing anymore.

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