Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

Friday, April 23, 2004

Are You

Are You

Voiced from a distance
across the field of litter,
paraphanalia and trailer trash.
Are you Charles Benoit
of Liberty? Are you?
of the small and weak?
Serial killer in the making?
Can you feel my eyes now
burning poisoned darts through
the back of your miserable skull,
focused for vengeance on your
despicable motive? The shrunken
black heart that you possess,
that you've always possessed.
I saw what you did,
we all saw what you did
for sport, from an afternoon of
beer and weed, maybe you even
shot up that day. Did your veins
feel it? Feel heat like hot coals,
the same burning embers you drowned
a life in? I hope that you did, hope
you forgot even to bleach your works.
We all heard what you said
in order to free yourself
of witnesses and charges.
Witnesses and charges always
return to hiss and claw
and bite back the way you
have come now, are you really
free. Come now, have you looked
over your shoulder lately?
Can you sleep at night?
Can you look in the mirror?
Friends and enemies, my friend.
Which ones can you trust?

(Sometimes I can barely contain my anger over people who torture and kill animals.
In this case there is an actual Charles Benoit, did actually live in Liberty, Missouri at the time. Three years ago, he was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after holding a stray kitten down in a hot grill. The kitten died after being taken to the vet, and later the charges were dropped after the witness was harassed with death threats from his friends.)

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