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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Made a trip out to Best Buy, and then to Barnes and Noble this past weekend, and picked up Parachutes, by Coldplay. Excellent, I've been wanting to get that for a long time, and I always loved the song, "Yellow." Barnes and Noble had the book I wanted, If You Want To Write, by Brenda Ueland.. I've barely gotten started on it and already I know this is gonna be a great one to go back through over and over again.
I went looking through some Charles Bukowski books when I was there. I think there was more of his books on the shelf than anyone elses. Someone on Xanga posted one of his poems a few weeks ago, and I was really impressed with this Bukowski.. I'd always heard of him but never read any poems of his, but now, what little I've seen I really like.. hmmm. Bukowski rocks the boat right out of the water, lol.
This afternoon coming home from work, I passed by the Taco Bell. And I kept hearing this bird call, so looking up, I saw this huge crow perched up at the highest point of the sign, just making himself known.. this went on for like five minutes, till he flew away, and I turned to see where, just following his path.. There has to be something to be found there.. something creative, free, or just plain a different angle to be seen. Some analogy that I'm close to.

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