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Friday, April 16, 2004

Farewell Show

Such long distances they came, over Rivendale, through woods and tangled brush,
finally stopping at the point where
Arlington meets Abbington, they had traveled
far on one last hope, and by now had become
fed up hometown heroes ready to begin
flogging Molly for the messed up directions
she gave. "But," she stammers, over the wireless, "It's just over the horizon, a
dead giveaway, I swear, you can't miss it."

Lost and late, but arrival and destination reached. Now the music is in full swing.
Bagpipes missed but the CD proves awesome,
loud and stirring to those in favor.
This crowd forms in random circles, each
overtaking, overtalking its own din.

But between the set...
"Lo, hark." I mean, "Yo, listen up."
"Did you guys hear that?"
"Sounded like a sneeze, who was that?"
("Aaatch, eeee!")
"What the - huh? There it is again"
"Bless you, and Gsundteit!"
("Caaatch Meee!")

And suddenly from beside us
a goth chick with spiked hair
and thirty piercings cried out,
"O Romeo, thou hast stage-dived
and met with the cruelest of floors,
and now idiocy finds you tragic
not once, mind you, but thrice!"

Ego bruised and pride gone
after the fall, Romeo slinks
back up on stage, reclaims his
spot, grabbing the bass, all
ready now, they can finally begin
serious fun and game time.

A night not to be forgotten,
a night not without incident
to be sure, when the bouncer
is bounced and THE song promised
never to be played again
is played again, for all the
old times, and for new beginnings,
for luck and success, and "Don't
forget.." all the little people
who were there before you signed.

(A local Christian Punk band, Fed*Up, has been signed for a record deal. This was an account (at least my version of it) of their last show here in the area before they moved to Tennessee.)

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