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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Don't let this happen to you...
I was so sick at work today, and in a lot of pain. Could barely finish North Tower so I knew I was in trouble at around 9:00. You know how things go through your head with something like that... gallbladder, appendicitis, kidney infection. And I still went ahead and did the counts for South tower.. I'm too stubborn for my own good. But by then it was really getting hard to walk without my side killing me again. So I ended up telling the lead, who called Martha back in to finish up. Then he walked me up to ER (made sure I got there without passing out, hehe)
I was in there the rest of the day waiting for results to come back and whatnot. Turned out to be pneumonia.
So... This is what happens when you overdo things, get stressed out. You get sick and you can't sleep, can't eat. All it takes is for your body to be run down enough for all kinds of nasties. Anybody out there - don't let this happen to you. It's no fun at all, I guarantee it.

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