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Thursday, May 06, 2004

The word for today is... "chocolatemilk"
It would seem to be some kind of inside joke, like teasing someone at work, maybe. Why, something like that could quickly turn into a long-running series of quips and one-liners, sure to cause high fives after each and every one. (hee-hee)

There's an old vacant place not far from work, one of the first ever convenience stores in the area, one of the first to stay open late, years, years ago. When nothing else was open, "I'm going down to the 'Milk Jug' for some smokes... toilet paper... a soda..." whatever. It shut down years ago, and has stood vacant ever since, still has the sign out front.

Good one, if I say so myself, earned me high fives all the way around the table.
"Hey did you see the news last night? They're trying to revamp the area, open new stuff around here finally. They're gonna reopen the Milk Jug, but this time they're calling it the 'Chocolate Milk Jug."

Aww, Billy, you know we're just kidding.

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