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Sunday, May 30, 2004

I spoke to my old boss today, who also works weekends at the hospital, and at the nursing home across the street the rest of the time. There may be something there that's available for part-time evenings.
I'll talk to her again probably around Tuesday. Just think, possibly working for Doris Brown again, lol. "Well, ya know..."

I can't really tell at this point whether my daughter will be making her trip out to Canada after all. She took out yesterday morning a little after 8 a.m. I phoned her at 7 with a wake up call, and then again later to wish her luck.. But around 2 in the afternoon I got a text message on my phone saying "My car died." In Sioux City, Iowa. So, after letting it cool down a bit, she was able to start it back up again, but by that time and many phone calls later, she was on her way back into town in order to get the car checked out.
This afternoon it was still in the shop, so I guess right now the entire trip is still up in the air. It would be such a shame to cancel. She's been planning this thing for months now.. I really hope the car checks out all right so she'll at least be able to start out again tomorrow, even if it is a late start.

Poem about the moon (previous post) also about old friends, ones that go way back, that I've completely lost touch with. Maybe not so old friends.. just got to wondering what if I hadn't have made those awful choices I did, I would have been better off, maybe even happy, less lonely. I don't know. Was I really so stubborn to make the wrong choices? Maybe I was.
Then relatively new friends... that I feel so lost without the contact. Just some thoughts that entered the atmosphere. So today they've focused at times somewhere in Blue Springs.. and also sometimes much further away..

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