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Saturday, October 11, 2003

It's been a great vacation so far. I've gotten a lot of things done that I couldn't have done otherwise. Things like going to the library whenever I want, getting a little more organized around the place, and some Halloween decorating, a little that is... I've been able to be more relaxed while writing, and I'm really enjoying that. Plus I've been able to get my resume together and printed out the way it should be, and sending it by fax to some different places. Now comes the hardest part - the waiting. I really do hope that I hear from some of those places at least by the end of next week, before my vacation ends so I can look forward to some sort of goal and not be stuck in the same place, literally or figuratively.
I heard also from my friend out in California, it looks like I'm gonna be getting my acoustic guitar back pretty soon. I need to get new strings... But this is good.. :)
My daughter is planning a visit to check out the college in a few weeks, she's really hopeful about ths one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it really does all work out.
Well I figure I have a week left to enjoy, do some really creative things, and all before I go back to work on the 19th. Oh and before I forget, the score is currently Kansas City-1, Los Angeles-0.....
Go Wizards! Take care people.

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