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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Well, it seems a lot happened at work while I was gone on vacation. All the exiting stuff usually does... All the supervisors at many of the area hospitals, including the one I work for, who are contracted out by Sodexho, were notified that they either will be gone for sure, or gone pending further notice... Talk about stress. I would hate to be in that situation. But then, who knows, those cuts have actually gone to our level before, and they may again. What was that line from Star Wars? "I've got a bad feeling about this..."
I've been having some temporary trouble with my isp, so for now my time on the internet is limited to the times I can make it up here to the library and use their computers. Hopefully soon that will be taken care of.. So if anyone is wondering why I'm not posting as much or answering my emails like I used to, this is why. Bear with me... Lol
My daughter is in Santa Barbara, checking out the "Dream College" Brooks Institute. I think her exact words when she called me last night, about the place was, "Wow.....Just Wow. The place is amazing..." I'm really glad she's so impressed, it makes for great motivation, hahaha.

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