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Saturday, October 04, 2003

Well, I was off these past two days, go back to work tomorrow, and then, and then....
I don't go back till the 19th. Gives me plenty of time to look for something else, somewhere else.
I hope the search yields something decent. I've already sent my resume to a couple of places, online.My daughter finally found a job at Krispy Kreme. And hmmm... she makes more per hour than I do. Well I guess that's one more reason to look elsewhere, the hospital doesn't pay its housekeepers enough.
Well I'm really glad though that she's been able to save up for a good digital camera she's going to be using for school, and beyond that, for what she's choosing as a career. She'll be visiting Brooks sometime later this month. I hope she likes it.
At this moment, the Wizards are tied with Colorado 2-2 in tonights game. Soccer, much better than football, baseball: the Chief and Royals. You can really tell around here when the Chiefs are winning a game, and also when they're losing. There's some pretty angry people then, they just take it too personally. I mean it's one thing to say, "we won" cause you relate so to the team. But it's really stupid the way some folks take it as a personal insult if their favorite player happens to fumble the ball. That's why I could care less about the NFL. There are just too many hardcore fanatics. Don't get me started about the Superbowl, hahaha. Oh I'll watch, but not for the game, it's for the ads. That tradition goes all the way back when the marketing class was given an exercise to time each commercial and then calculate how much each national buyer of airtime spent during the game. And I've been watching for the ads ever since...

Well "We Won!" (the Wizards) KC 4, CO 2 Final score... See, that wasn't so bad, was it? Take care people.

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