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Friday, April 29, 2005

I have some hopeful news to report. Last night I got a call from a place where I turned in an application a few days ago. The Pet Shoppe, here in town... wanting me to come in for an interview at 2 this afternoon. I can't believe I almost turned them down outright for that mall job in Moorestown. But when I got off the phone, I stood there thinking, "What the hell did I just do?" And Robert was looking at me in shock... So I'm saying, "You know, I think I need to call them back right now." The hours would be Monday through Friday, 9-5, taking care of the animals... I'm really hoping they offer me this job, cause the more I think about it, the more perfect this sounds... I've wanted this type of job for years, even back before I was working out at Lee's Summit... (I used to tell everyone it would be my dream job.) And the hours are great, I wouldn't even mind working over, or on the weekends as well. Plus its close, here in town and all... wouldn't have to take the bus. Ooohh... I want THIS job.

Got all set to watch Survivor last night, and there were people setting up the podium for Bush to talk on Social Security.. We sat through that, hoping they would still air the show...
Has anyone been keeping up with Survivor this season? They voted off Steph... those Bastids! I would have much rather seen any of those two minor characters go instead. Now it'll be down and dirty for sure. I'm thinking Ian and Tom will be struggling to keep afloat now with strategy. I'd like to see Tom win, but Ian is a close 2nd favorite of mine at this point.

And I'm still waiting for Russell Simmons' Def Poetry. I got the full HBO schedule for May, and it wasn't listed. So I'll keep my fingers crossed for June. How dare they make us wait! Lol. I know not many people in the poetry groups I'm in watch that, or are into live readings like that, but I just have a feeling that if they watched a few times, they would surely be hooked from then on.

The weather here has been cool, almost chilly. Its supposed to rain tonight but hopefully after that there will be some more sunny weather. I've noticed the trees have really filled out - this just in the past few weeks. I can remember when there was still snow and the ground, and plows making paths through the parking lot. Yeah, Spring is a lot better. :D

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