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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Well, my book cover finally went to print. Now the book is available online through Publish America (publishamerica.com). I'm so pleased with how the whole thing turned out... its almost unreal. Excuse me while I celebrate... *YEAH!...Woo-woo-woo...(various hip-hop gestures: raise the roof, etc..) Unbe-LIEV-able! YEAH! :D Yes!*
Ok, I think I'm better now with some of this out of my system. Just thought I'd make that little announcement there. I'm all smiles.
Work went a little better on my second night. The hours still suck, it doesn't leave much time for me and Robert to spend together, but I have to remember, this job is really only meant as a temporary thing till something better comes up, like the hospital, or the supervisory position at the mall.. Those hours would be so much better, too. I'm used to getting up early, early - not staying up past midnight before coming home. Well, its better than nothing I suppose.

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