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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Well after those three horror filled days, I've quit the diner because:
1. My coworkers seemed to have issues with each other resulting in paranoia, thinly veiled threats, shouting matches in the kitchen. I thought it best to get out before I ended up on somebody's shit list, lol.
2. The cooks couldn't (or could but refused) to speak English. Huge barrier there.
3. I took "any shift" to mean a set shift.(ie; 7-3, 3-11, 11-7) as well as to be a standard 8 hours. Apparently management's definition was based on less rigid guidelines... 5pm - 3am or longer is not my idea of ideal.

So on to bigger and better things... I'm just glad I had the option not to stay. I'm still waiting for word from Kennedy. It's been nearly a month and a half now and all I get is some "gatekeeper" on the phone who keeps saying the same thing, just leaves me with no real information. So far nothing available at the mall either... and that had looked promising too. I'm still putting out applications to different places... maybe some of those will work out.

I did find an opening at a new pet sitting service, All Good Dogs Daycare that just happened to post an ad in yesterday's paper. As it happens, the place is right across the street from me. I'm supposed to hear back from them sometime today, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This would be as close to my dream job as I've ever gotten. Would just love to work with animals.

I'm expecting my two author's copies of "I Am Ready" hopefully sometime next week. Today or tomorrow would be even better. I try to imagine how its gonna feel once I hold my own book in my hands. It's just... I'm not gonna know how to react until it actually happens.

I've been (slowly) memorizing some old poems I like. Robert's doing the same thing, only he's leaving me in the dust on this... I think he's got three already set to memory, to my one. Lol, so far I've just got "Aquainted With The Night" by Robert Frost.

I've got to rethink this whole "Meet-up" thing now... They have it now to where coordinators have to pay a yearly fee to use MeetUp. I'm not doing it. We only have 4 in the group, that's not enough people to warrant having to pay a fee just for the name "MeetUp". There's other alternatives for basically the same thing.

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