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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Whew, busy day yesterday. A lot of walking.. all the way to Pensauken. All in all, after such a dismal start, it turned out to be a pretty good day.
I finally made my last call to Kennedy Hospital, found out they've been lying to me all this time about there even being a job position open. In one day it went from them telling me "yes, we do have openings in housekeeping." to "That's not true." What kind of assholes do they have running the place? Forgive me, I still can't help being bitter about the whole thing. I can only hope I find something else soon so that if they ever called me back with an offer I can laugh in their face. But it left me just at a total loss wondering where to go next. I was in tears the rest of the morning. (Damn them) But by the afternoon, things were starting to look up. Robert invited me on a hike to get some paperwork done. It was a long trek, windy on the way there, but a very good experience. It was good for me to get back out, expend some energy, cause otherwise I would have been just sitting there at home feeling sorry for myself. On the way there, I was keeping track of some of the new places I could go to apply; some hotels where I could find a job. That would be a hike, but I think it would be a good thing. After all, I was doing pretty much the same thing back in Independence. A 45-minute walk to work, so I know I could do it. I enjoyed it then, I know I could now. The only thing I didn't enjoy about it was facing the monster new management. That was a nightmare (HCA). Also not too far from the mall is where the pet store relocated into a bigger place. So I figure I'll try there today.
On the way back we passed a WalMart supercenter. Robert said he'd never been in there, so we did some shopping; new clothes. Awesome, although I'm not used to that... It was really nice. Robert got him some new jeans for work, and some stuff for here at home.. I got some new tops and jeans... gotta take the jeans back though cause they're too big. Maybe by some miracle they'll have the same brand in my size, although I have yet to find them for the past couple of years now. They seem to have all of a sudden discontinued the smaller sizes. Its a shame too, cause they're reasonable.
Went home and had dinner... then afterward, Robert surprised me by suggesting a trip to Tower records, where we found the Boondock Saints DVD.. and the Incredibles.. Oh and Laura, I finally got the Greenday CD, so you don't need to burn it for me after all.... the new U2.... Lacuna Coil... the new My Chemical Romance.
After scoping out all the new places yesterday to go now, I'm ready to face things with a new zeal, not giving up. So I'm off to conquer my little part of the world, the one where I become an employed person again.

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