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Saturday, April 16, 2005

I was browsing my Xanga, found this...Oh Dam! Too funny, way too funny!

Watched Columbus beat D.C. United last night. I'd forgotten how much fun just seeing the games are, after being away from it so long... all that time of never really getting to watch TV, or at least a lot of what I wanted. Its just good to do that again. I've really missed the MLS... and it seems a lot has changed. One thing though, there's a game between KC and the Metrostars tonight. And although I won't be able to see it (without watching it on pay-per-view and pay a whopping $20 just for one game.) I'm so far undecided about who I'd want to win. Nah! I'll stay true to My Team... Go Wizards! Apparently ESPN will be showing games on both Fridays and Saturdays, so there will be more than enough action to provide my Soccer fix!

I had my hopes up for the last few days about a job that was close by... a pet facility/day care called All Good Dogs, that would have been a perfect job for me went by the wayside. I called for the last few days, and when I called the last time they told me the position had been filled. Damn. That and the way the hospital personnel office has been just kind of makes me feel like I'm invisible. I mean they've had housekeeping positions open for over two months now, and still seem unwilling to fill them. But finally I've still been keeping in touch with the manager at the grocery store, who tells me there's an opening in their bakery dept. (part-time, weekends and holidays) Not much, but better than nothing. I should hear something by noon today.

I've been eagerly awaiting some of that warmer weather we had a taste of a few weeks ago. They say it'll be here this weekend with temperatures close to 80. Good news there, I hope they're right.

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