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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My horoscope for yesterday should have read: "Beware of overprotective geese while you are out and about..." Because while walking from the bakery to the mall yesterday afternoon, Robert and I were almost attacked by one very angry goose. Lol...Great. Now instead of the territorial stray dog I used to occasionally contend with, these days I'll have to look up to fend off some personal air raid, a dive-bomb from overhead. Guess we were too close to his nest, because way down in the gulley, there was a female roosting. Apparently there's already been a few people attacked in the mall parking lot, just after getting out of their cars. Guess it all depends on where they park...

I've been trying some different things lately... Yoga, new ideas for my poetry group, memorizing certain poems - just to know I can do that. I may have picked the wrong poem to start with though, because of the way it's written.. people just don't talk like that anymore, with the "doth" and irregular placement in context of certain words. I wasn't fully aware of how hard this was till I was called upon out of the blue to recite this thing. And you know, my mind drew a complete blank even though just that afternoon I could recite the damn thing word for word. I think maybe it's cause I was just caught off guard.

Tried to catch the beginning of a movie on cable I wanted to see, the one about Sylvia Plath was on HBO last night but didn't start till 10 pm. After about 20 minutes I knew I wasn't gonna make it till the end. I'm always missing movies - omg, I'm notorious for falling asleep trying to watch something on TV. So I went to bed before that happened. Good thing we have it on DVD, I really was enjoying it. When they started spouting out poetry, just off the top of their head... and getting passionate about it... DAMN! It was like watching Def Poetry... only difference was they were reciting other's work instead of their own. Yeah, I'm definitely gonna catch the rest of that movie soon.

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