Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

Friday, September 12, 2003

All For This

You've got me now to where
I could beg for the touch
of your hands on my body,
the kiss from your lips,
a nuzzle, urgent, passion felt
above my shoulder, beg for
you to need this much as well.
Only for this, I can almost
taste the scent of you as
you reach for me, ravage me,
move through me, all to
obliterate this awful ache
within that only comes from
being without you.
I could beg for all this,
have you understand
with just a soft touch
of my own, a caress for
your hair, your skin
and I swear another look
in those brown eyes of yours
I'll be lost forever, but still I
hold you gentle, tell you true
my hands love you as much
as my heart.
And in the morning, I'll again
smooth your hair, wild from
restless sleep and dreams,
wake you with kisses
just to see you open your eyes,
just to tell you how much this means.

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