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Monday, September 01, 2003

I said one time I was going to list all the music CDs that I own right now... And these are ones I'm never letting go of again, because some of them are replacements for one's I've lost over the years.

Galore - The Cure
(I tore this place apart looking for the CD I had of theirs and never found it. Got this one at Sam Goody - it has all the songs I like on it.)

Tribute to the Ramones
We're a Happy Family - Various
(My daughter got me this for my birthday)

Anthology - Ramones
(another birthday gift a couple of years ago)

Artist In the Ambulance - Thrice
(Replaces Korn as my new favorite band)

Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack - Various
(I really like the instrumentals on this)

A Day Without Rain - Enya

Paint the Sky With Stars - Enya

Celtic Mouth Music - Various
(A lot of the songs here are very rough, the sound quality isn't that great. But there are a few really good ones once you get past all the others. A few with incredible harmonies.)

Live At the Acropolis - Yanni
(A Christmas present from my daughter. I used to play this one all the time back in Fresno.)

Amused to Death - Roger Waters
(I had to special order this one off the internet, through a friend who had a credit card. Haha)

The Belfast Gigs - Horslips
(Another one I had to special order. They had another album, my favorite of theirs but it couldn't be found, even on the web.)

Men Without Women - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul
(You know Little Steven - the guy with the scarf on his head in the E-Street band. He's also Sylvio Dante on the Sopranos.)

And some Christmas albums...

The Christmas EP - Enya
(My mom thought this was a beautiful rendition of Silent Night "Oiche Chiun" sung in the Gaelic language. So I played it a lot.)

The Kansas City Holiday Album - Various
(The proceeds from this went to benefit Wayside Waifs, one of the largest animal shelters in Kansas City.)

The Christmas Attic - Transiberian Orchestra
(Got this one by mistake, thought it had a certain song but it didn't. Kept it anyway, it's still a Christmas album.)

Traditional Celtic Christmas - Various
Instrumental... bagpipes. Need I say more? :)

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