Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

Monday, September 15, 2003

No Call, No Show

(Payday... Jesse come on)

Here I'm on overtime and
wondering just how long it
should take to cash a check.
Should be here by now
spooning up this stuff so I can
go downstairs for the cart, put
pans in warmers, burned my fingers
on the pilot, damn, these old folks
gotta eat and some get more than
cranky when they gotta wait.

(Jesse come on already)

Something. It might have been the way
or even the reason for a distraction,
the trip-up that cost half the residents
on this floor their banana pudding.

(Something is terribly wrong)

Nah, he should be here helping clean
this mess, I barely have time now
to wrap silverware, bag rolls,
paste up the water, powdered thickener.

(...at least come in time to help serve)

Jesse never showed.

Monsters (Conspiracy of Silence)

Half the crew is
holding their tongues
Knowing all along now
They know, you can
see it in their eyes,
they know.
If there's something you
should say then you damn
well better spill it.
You can start by answering,
Where are they?
Now that they're on the run
now that the deed is over
and its too late now for
Jesse McKinnis.
They know the where, the how,
they know the why. Its like
they've all gone suddenly mute,
but never them in shock.
Never them, 'cause they
knew all along, synchronized time
while the set-up played itself out.
Payday, make it look like
it was for the money.
The same money he was gonna use
to surprise his grandfather, restore
the classic sitting for years
in his garage, but...
Monsters never gave a rat about that,
just hard-core accesories now.
There's a special place
in Hell for the lot of ya.


Home fires in the
Highland hills.
For once I have
new dreams
at summer's end, as
the old becomes
a new hope for the
year to come.
What good is a
dream without
convoluted meaning,
but I sense that the
unknown is a lot
less frightening
when seen
under your light.

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