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Monday, September 01, 2003

Wow. Talk about deja vu. There was major problems with the phone lines earlier today and I kept getting disconnected in the middle of posting the previous entry. So I guess it took each time I hit the "publish" button. Its probably because of the rain, which has caused some problems elsewhere too. Like the night before last when it really started coming down, another lady from work had to evacuate her house because the entire walls in the basement collapsed from all the rain, had to call her son to help her get the animals out 'cause they were scared and hiding under the beds... gas line broke and it was really concentrated inside the house there. She was lucky to get herself and everyone else out, but imagine. She stopped by during one of our breaks yesterday with her son, she was just in tears, said the whole downstairs was just rubble, the foundation's shot, and they said it wasn't even safe yet to go back in for some clothes. I really feel bad for her. It could have been a lot worse though, she could have been asleep and ended up being trapped inside with all that gas when it happened.
Oh and the hospital sprung leaks everywhere from the rain, there were a couple of code reds, from where water got into the wiring and shorted out some lights. Puddles all in the patient rooms up on 5th floor, half the break area was completely soaked, an inch of water in Healthline, the classrooms there. They had the wet-vacs running nonstop yesterday. The lead kept saying "This is the day from Hell" And she tried calling the supervisors but they weren't answering their phone. It's an old hospital and when you have the entire season with no rain, then all of a sudden you get 15 inches of water all at once there's gonna be some major problems.

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