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Sunday, September 07, 2003

Well, a lot of things went down at work while I was off Friday and Saturday. Let's just say we're minus three more people as of Friday. After months of delaying an official "announcement" about this, they go and lay people off without such an announcement. I can't say I really agree with the tactics here. I mean aren't we supposed to give a standard 2-week notice to quit? What, they can't give these three the same courtesy? This brings us to a grand total of 7 slots that probably will never be filled. One transferred to Lee's Summit, another resigned for health reasons, one quit a couple of months ago, the ER housekeeper transferred to another department, and now Dennis, Shelley, and Roxie from nights, are gone. Really gonna miss Dennis, trading cat stories, or "Hey you" joking around all the time, up on the floors. Man, that sucks. Hardly anybody that's left jokes around like that. I was talking to Randy, who was saying they went by seniority. Well that can't be right, 'cause I'm one of the two newest people here. I guess they counted my time at Lee's Summit before I transferred, plus I'm the only other housekeeper who can do linen too. I guess I'm lucky there.

If you've ever seen on here where I've mentioned the local punk group Fed-Up, good things have been happening for them this past week. This is the band my daughter shoots pictures of, promos and all that, sometimes for their website. Well it seems that they have been signed. Hmmmm.... only a rumor at this point because nobody around here can get in touch with 'em again to find out what label. I gues they forgot to ask the first time. Or, see how quickly they forget?
And Laoghaire finally got a job after a year of looking, now she's at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Now she won't have to drop that class that goes in tandem with it, hopefully. And more officially she's been accepted into Brooks Institute of Photography. I may have mentioned that before. Must be a sign of fatigue. So with that I'll sign off.

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