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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Aaahhh... Is it still only Tuesday? This week is just dragging. It's like time is in slow motion or something. It was like that at work today. Well some days the motto goes a little something like this: "Wait for it... wait for it..." (patient room dismissals). Then at about 3:00, it's "Hurry up and get these things done." I once had four stat cleans that came in at the end of the day. Impossible, especially when they expect you to clock out at 3:30. Oh yeah, it's also interesting when a nurse will put in a stat clean in bed tracking so that when it comes across the pager, you rush to the room only to find they haven't dismissed the patient yet. Whoops, somebody didn't check first! Lol. Does it sound like I'm complaining? I'm not really, at least I didn't think so but now that I look over this, I can see how somebody could get that impression.
I'm waiting for it to get dark out. I hear there's glitter storms and meteor showers due later tonight. Hope I can see a little something anyway. Wouldn't it be great to get a shot of the full moon at the same time as Perseids? I've never taken nighttime shots like that before. I don't think its possible with a throw-away camera. I'll just be glad if I can see half a dozen shooting stars. I'll have to tell Laoghaire about this... Wow.... Cool... Double Wow... Double Cool (in a hushed awe-struck whisper)
I'm going to tell you all my classic "shooting star" story from a camping trip one year at Shaver Lake. But not now. For now I'm going to hammer some words out on paper.

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