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Friday, August 29, 2003

I forgot to mention how yesterday after work, my daughter was waiting for me. Actually she called me on my cell phone while I was still doing a dismissal. The first words out of her mouth when I got in the car was, "I need your help." So we went to the animal shelter to get some info on contact people who would have answers about local animal cruelty laws. Well, that's her senior project, a paper on this topic. And I told her I'd help in any way I could. It turns out that yesterday she found out that one of the planning sheets for this project was due the next day, not Monday as she'd thought. So there we went, but by the time we got there, the person she most needed to talk to had already gone for the day. Anyway, she had to be home by a certain time to recieve another call from Brooks. And I went online searching all the local shelters, and contact people. I came up with quite a few pages of info. So I guess that's part of what I'm going to be doing at the library today, among several other things... You know, I'm really glad she picked this topic as her project because I have a feeling that helping her out with this will also help me out too, in the long run.

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