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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Work went at a steady pace yesterday. I really like when it's like that, it just seems to make the entire day go faster. I was in the ICU area, and probably will be today. I'm glad that they moved so many out to another floor, it just means they're getting better - that's always good news.
Also got an invite to join the moderators in one of the yahoo poetry groups I'm in. It seems they want to get more input on some for new members to interact with the rest of the group. I think I'm really going to enjoy being a part of this, I'm excited about it.
I guess the Xanga site has really been having some major problems lately. Something about a series of DDOS attacks, which I take to mean somebody has been infecting the site with some kind of virus, over and over again. They say they're in the process of getting it back up, but I just wonder what all that has done to my posts on there. Well it's a good thing I have my own copies of everything important. Even if I've lost them on Xanga, I know they're not gone for good. I can still repost my poems somewhere.

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