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Monday, August 11, 2003

Well at work, the big guy is back from vacation, that would be the general manager of environmental services. And No one's heard anything from him yet about who might get the axe. I'm not all that sure if that would bother me. There was a time when something like that would cause me to panic but, hey. I know I'm an excellent worker. When I was still out there at Lee's Summit, the (same) GM told me I was a model employee. So even if a decision like that is out of his hands, he'll at least be able to give me a pretty decent reference, no matter where I go next. I guess we're still gonna have to wait till the 21rst to find out.

For some reason, I ended up missing Def Poetry on Friday and the Dead Zone on Sunday. The cable was messing up, plus there was all this stuff going on with concerts and hair color and all that good jazz. Or should I say "punk"? Which was all pop/punk bands, from nearby areas. Gatorface went first. These guys really had me laughing. Later somebody told me that they're not even a real band. But they're just as good as the rest of 'em up there that day. They've got this creative humor/dry wit type thing going on, which if they kept with that line of thinking, they could be the punk version of Spinal Tap. Let's see, some of the other bands... Of course, Without Incident which we were there to support. Arlington was good but couldn't stay. They had another show to play that night. There at the last, wast was Too Beautiful To Die. I'd have to say these guys kicked butt. I wonder how they came up wit the name, though.

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