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Sunday, August 17, 2003

I've been kind of busy this weekend, trying to keep up with all the messages and ideas everybody's throwing out to everyone else, about the group. I was so excited about doing all this, I think I got way ahead of myself and started my own group. I think it'll be ok, though. I won't be trying to take anyone from the original group. I'd rather keep mine small, to keep more of a close-knit feel to it. I've seen some really good poets on Xanga, so that's where I plan to go for membership. So if anyone's interested, feel free to visit baileys_java_cafe at yahoo groups.
Well after spending all this time on the internet, I feel kind of blah today for some reason. It might be the heat. I think it got up past 102 today. And no relief for tomorrow either. At least there's a window unit and a fan here. I wonder if everybody finally got their power back on in the east, out toward New York and other areas. I sure hope so. And hope everyone's still doing ok.

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