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Sunday, August 10, 2003

I got some bad news today at work. At break I asked how he was doing, the kid that was in the car accident, and someone told me he didn't make it. It was on Friday he died. I guess by today everybody at work had time for it to sink in. And to be honest, I thought he might have had a small chance of pulling through, but I guess I was wrong. And I haven't seen his mother since Thursday when I talked to her before I had Friday and Saturday off. I hope she's coping with all this. It's a complete tragedy and what makes it even worse is that it could have been prevented. I want to just say to some of my friends I've mentioned this to, again, thanks for listening.
I can't dwell on this forever, so...
I was reading Beau Sia's webpage where he seems to have put out an open call for someone to rent out his room in Manhattan. I've mentioned earlier on another blog, that he's been on vacation in Scotland, and it sounds like he's become so smitten with the whole place, he wants to stay even longer. I tought that was pretty funny and I can't really say that I blame him for that. I know I'd probably feel the same way. If anyone wants to visit the page, I believe it's at beausia.com (I hope that's right. If it isn't, I'll post the correct site tomorrow sometime.
Well, Xanga is up to its usual mischief today. I couldn't access it when I got home this evening. Neither could anyone else. So it looks like my backup may turn into a regular destination. Its a shame about the Xanga, though. It has a lot of cool features that I was really getting into.
I got an email today from a friend back in Fresno who's also into photography. In his spare time he uses his photos (slides) as background for upcoming shows for local bands, friends of his. Haha, he worked on a photo of me, put together with a couple of different backgrounds. Kinda neat. If I can find a way to post these picture here, I'll be doing exactly that, postin' the pics. Speaking of pictures, Ifinished the roll of film in the digital (disposable) and was going to drop it off today but the place was closed, well it IS Sunday. But you can specify whether you want the images on cd as well as prints but that takes a couple of weeks to get back, it'll still be worth it. Laura says she can post them that way without having to use a scanner. Double cool!

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