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Saturday, August 09, 2003

Didn't get done with Laura's hair color till after 2:00. All the while she's worrying about it being too dark. "My dad's gonna kill ..me". And me telling her not to worry, that I know what I'm doing. She didn't want to go too drastic. As it turns out, we seem to have not picked a color that was drastic enough. She says it looks the same as before. She's right, but if you look closely, there are some minute highlights. I think it's ok, it looked kinda blah before and now there is a richer tone. But she says she wants a darker color for next time.I guess I'll be going along to that show tonight. Ha, it's good that tickets are only $5. It's something to do. And they're not that bad, actually even though they haven't been playing as long as some of the other bands, Without Incident. I wonder what a poem would sound like if I used all the names of these local bands. Let's see..."So Fed Up after traveling along Rivendale, I saw that this adventure would not be Without Incident. Indeed, this was no Gametime, and ..." That would be something to look into, especially as ad for a show if by some chance they were to all be booked at the same location. Haha.I may have stumbled onto something here. Or not.

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